Metal building systems provide an ideal alternative to conventional construction solutions, with more benefits and greater flexibility to meet your project needs and cut time off your construction schedule.

ASDC works with the leading manufacturers in design and fabrication of custom-engineered steel building solutions for commercial and industrial projects. We offer a wide range of metal building systems that vary in shape, size, and function yet offer singularly exceptional performance to withstand the long-term effects of the elements. Spanning from simple agricultural structures to large, highly complex warehouse solutions and beyond, each of our unique building solutions are custom designed to achieve your vision. 

We are a relationship-driven company achieving long-term growth by focusing on ease-of-business and providing a quality product at a fair price with prompt, exceptional service before, during and after the project.



We offer a full range of building frame systems, including primary and secondary frames as well as building bracing. Steel framing systems are ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. Each frame is custom-designed to meet both building codes and project specifications.


Primary Frame Systems

The primary steel frame systems consist of interior building frames, building end frames – including rafters, corner posts and end posts – and crane systems.

Primary frames span the width of a building and are designed for full bay loading. Our primary steel frame system includes interior building frames, building end frames (rafters, corner posts, and end posts), building bracing, and crane systems.


Interior Building Frames

A rigid interior frame consists of welded-up rafter and sidewall column sections. Rigid frames are available as symmetrical, asymmetrical and single-slope shapes in clear span and multi-span options.

Sidewall columns are pinned at the base but may have a fixed base for special applications. Rafter is continuous throughout with a single ridge. Interior columns used with multi-span rigid frames are pipe sections with pinned connections at both ends; standard and fixed connections optional. Building frame systems are designed by stiffness analysis. Note: pipe sections are the standard offering for interior columns with built-up members and hot rolled shapes as additional options.


Building End Frames

Bearing end frames and rigid end frames (half load) are used at end walls of building systems where future expansion is not anticipated. Rigid end frames (full load) are used where future expansion at that end of the building is anticipated. End posts in full load rigid end frames are designed to provide girt support for a “temporary” end wall. Members are formed from hot rolled or welded-up members.


Building Bracing

Our engineers will design bracing to meet wind/seismic load requirements for any given building. Diaphragm bracing will be used whenever appropriate but will be supplemented and/or replaced with rod, angle, or cable bracing when diaphragm capacity of sheeting is inadequate. If building requirements preclude the use of rod bracing inside walls, this “X” bracing will be replaced by cantilever columns or portal frames.